Alien Invaders Get The Chop

Rick White, Head of Estates at Bournemouth University, joked earlier this week “we are cutting down everything at the moment”.

Bournemouth University undertook drastic removal of greenery across campus during ‘Green Week’, which caused uproar last Friday. Rick White, head of Estates at Bournemouth University, claimed “the phones were non-stop” as many “hot-headed” students and locals were outraged by removal of trees. He admitted that his department are “cutting everything down at the moment”, However, said that it’s for a good reason as they begin to re-landscape the campus. He stated that “for every tree we take out we will probably put 2 or 3” as he revealed plans to expand greenery campus wide. Previously, the trees on campus were Silver Birch which originate from East Asia, Rick said he planned on replacing these with native species. The University works with environmental officials and authorities and every decision must be approved before changes are made. Rick stated that the changes made to campus are “the start of putting back” and all changes better the environment in the long run.

Bournemouth University’s added greenery outside their brand new 2016 Fusion Building.

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