Defeating The Odds

Being told your own child is likely to lose his life can hardly be pleasant news. Catherine Owles, age 50, mother of Louis Owles was told just that 3 years ago. After hitting his head, Louis received injuries that would turn both his and his family’s lives upside down.

Louis fell from a height restriction bar in a car park in Wokingham on 26th April 2014 at 3am. An innocent night out with friends took a turn and changed his life forever after Louis lost consciousness in Elms Road Car Park. A CT Scan at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading revealed a bleed in Louis’ brain and urgent surgery was needed. Louis was in a medically induced coma while he was transferred between Reading and the John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford for surgery. Sadly, Louis remained in a coma for much longer than anticipated, failing to wake for 5 months.


“We were told that he wouldn’t survive. I think it’s just disbelief really” explained his mother Catherine.


Louis Owles, age 17, before the tragic accident.

Louis’ accident effected both family and friends, devastating the local community. Nicole, his younger sister, only 12 at the time sacrificed her school hours to care for her brother. Louis has received huge masses of support and care from his friends, his recent birthday celebrations were no exception. Over 50 people attended Louis’ 21st birthday, 3 years after his accident showing just how loving and loyal his friends are.

After expecting the worst, Louis has proven experts wrong and shown that he’s as determined as ever. Louis has shown great progression in his recovery, although slow and steady, there is a great future ahead of him, thanks to the care and support he has received.

Progress in science has enabled a 3D printed implant to replace part of Louis’ skull. This implant, made of a material known as Peek, was placed into the right side of Louis’ skull on 12th January 2017.


“He has been progressing well” states Louis’ nurse at Ascot Rehab Centre.

Ascot Rehabilitation Therapy Centre, where Louis is a full time patient.


The selfless care provided to Louis is yet to see an end, with much more than nurses looking out for him. Fundraising for Louis has been a great success raising over £7500 so far, the donation page can be found at:

Without a doubt, Louis has a bright future ahead of him.


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